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Shape & Length Guide

Please refer to this chart for all the shape and length options available on the site. If a set is missing an option, that design is unavailable in that particular shape and length. Each shape and length is available in a sizing kit for purchase.

Please see below for approximate lengths of each shape, measured from base to tip.

*SCULPTED Nail Tips provide a higher apex at the base so they can be quite uncomfortable and more difficult to adhere onto flatter nail beds and possibly cause easy lifting, we recommend people with flatter nail beds to avoid sculpted shapes* 

Short Square approximately 2cm
Medium Almond approx. 2.4cm 
Medium Round approx. 2.4cm
Medium Sculpted Square approx. 2.3cm 
Long Almond approx. 3cm 
Long Duckies approx. 3.2cm
Long Sculpted Square approx. 3cm
Long Square approx. 3cm
2XL Coffin 3.8 cm 
2XL Sculpted Square 3.6cm
3XL Sculpted Square approx. 4.8cm
3XL Coffin approx. 5.1cm
3XL Stiletto approx. 5.1cm
3XL Flat Square approx. 5.3cm 

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14 Shape & Length Options

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